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Welcome to the services section of our website. Here you will find information about the diagnostic and other services we provide. Our pathology services, inclusive of Immunosuppressive Drug Monitoring (IDM), Hepatitis Testing (HTS) and Liver Histopathology are UKAS Medical accredited to ISO15189:2012 (UKAS ref no. 8805).

UKAS - Schedule of Accreditation
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Other diagnostic tests and services include Liver Molecular Genetics (LMG) and an HTA approved Research Tissue Bank (HTA Licensing No. 12378).

UKAS Accredited Liver Pathology Services

Immunosuppressive Drug Monitoring (IDM)
Test / ServiceTurnaround
Ciclosporin - LC-MS/MSwithin 24hrs.
Everolimus - LC-MS/MSwithin 24hrs.
Mycophenolic acid - LC-MS/MSwithin 24hrs.
Sirolimus - LC-MS/MSwithin 24hrs.
Tacrolimus - LC-MS/MSwithin 24hrs.
Ribavirin - LC-MS/MSwithin 4 weeks
Hepatitis Testing (HTS)
Test / ServiceTurnaround
HAV Ab (IgM)2 working days
HAV Ab (IgG)2 working days
HBsAg (Qualitative)2 working days
HBsAb2 working days
HBsAg Confirmatory5 working days
HBsAg Quantitative3 working days
HBeAg2 working days
HBeAb2 working days
HBcAb (IgM)2 working days
HBcAb2 working days
HBV DNA Quantitative4 working days
HBV Drug Resistance Mutation10 working days
HBV Genotype10 working days
HCV Ab2 working days
HCV Genotype5 working days
HCV RNA Quantitative3 working days
HDV Ab (Total)5 working days
HDV Ab (IgM)10 working days
HDV RNA Quantitative5 working days
HEV Ab (IgM)5 working days
HEV Ab (IgG)5 working days
HEV RNA15 working days
Liver Histopathology
Test / ServiceTurnaround
Liver Biopsy2 working days
HPB surgical specimens6 working days
Frozen SectionSame day
Digital Imagingtbc

Other Diagnostic Tests & Services

Liver Molecular Genetics (LMG)
Test / ServiceTurnaround
Cholestasis Gene Panel (including genetics for neonatal cholestasis, PFIC, BRIC, DILI and Alagille Syndrome)
Analysis of 28 genes by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). (ATP8B1, ABCB11, ABCB4, AKR1D1, HSD3B7, CYP7B1, SLC27A5, AMACR, CYP7A1, CYP27A1, BAAT, TJP2, ABCC2, VPS33B, VIPAS39, JAG1, NOTCH2, excluding exons 1-4, DCDC2, BCS1L, CLDN1, TALDO1, NR1H4, SLC25A13, GNAS codons 201 and 227 only, NPC1, NPC2, UGT1A1, MYO5B40 working days
Wilson disease genetics
Analysis of the ATP7B gene using next generation.40 working days
Intestinal Failure Panel ( Infantile bowel disease)
Analysis of 8 genes by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). (MYO5B, STX3, TTC37, SLC26A3, SKIV2, EPCAM, GUCY2C, SPINT2)40 working days
Testing of family members for known variants.
Sanger sequencing of variants identified in the genes tested by the laboratory.20 working days
Haemochromatosis (HFE genotyping)
Testing for three most common HFE variants -
p.Cys282Tyr (C282Y)
p.His63Asp (H63D)
p.Ser65Cys (S65C)
10 working days
HLA B27 genotyping (Ankylosing Spondylitis)
Low definition HLA B27 genotyping 10 working days
HLA B57 genotyping (Abacavir sensitivity)
Genotyping for the presence of the HLAB*57:01 allele10 working days
Coeliac disease genotyping
HLA DQ2 and DQ8 genotyping10 working days
Additional testing available for research:
Human Leucocyte Antigens (HLA)
HLA Broad Genotype for:
20 working days
Any single (low definition) HLA genotype for:
HLA B*51, HLA B*53
20 working days
Research Tissue Bank
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