test-icon Liver Biopsy

(Reported daily)

Turn-round: 2 days.
Sample: Routine histology: Immerse specimen in 10% formal saline in suitable specimen container and transport to the laboratory as soon as possible.
Non routine histology: (- e.g. suspected malignancy or metabolic disorder, tissue copper or iron estimation):
Please contact the laboratory when planning the biopsy to ensure that tissue is appropriately harvested / stored / fixed.
Case for opinion: stained, unstained sections and / or paraffin block (to be returned to the referral hospital)
Storage and Transport:

The tissue core should be immediately placed (left floating without blotting paper) in a labelled perspex container with 10% formal saline.

Seal fixed tissue sample in specimen transport bag with sufficient absorbent material to contain the contents in case of leakage. Place in a padded box for transport to destination. Seal accompanying request form in a plastic bag to prevent contamination in case of leakage. Tape the box closed, label as Pathological Specimen and send by registered post or courier.

Time Limit for Extra Tests: 2 to 4 working days for immunohistochemistry and / or in-situ hybridization techniques

Factors affecting results or interpretation
  1. Poor fixation, delayed immersion in formalin
  2. Failure to label pot with patient name, date of birth and precise identifier
  3. Failure to fill in a consultation-request form, in particular clinical information, source of biopsy and doctor to be notified of findings; with slides or paraffin block, failure to include copy of original (identifying) histopathology report or requisition
time-icon Turnaround Time
upto 2 working days.
contact-icon Contacts
Liver Histopathology: kch-tr.LiverHistology@nhs.net
Contact Lab for any queries.